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Looking to perform a background search on someone? Want to find court records or public arrest records on an individual? The sites below offer public record searches so you can find the information you need.


BeenVerified offers background checks, phone searches, criminal records, property reports, and email searches. The site also has apps for iPhones and Android phones. BeenVerified also offers free trials for customers. The subscriptions range from $8/month to $16/month. There are some reviews that rate the site positively and state that it was easy to cancel after the trial period. Others feel the site provides inaccurate information and are dissatisfied with the service.


After completing a registration form, visitors can search people, businesses, and more. Similar information to other sites can be found (public records, property records, fictitous business names, and more). Some searches are free. Others require a one time fee or monthly subscription. Monthly subscriptions range from $24.95 to $124.95. Day passes are also available and range from $9.95 to $19.95. One time fee range from $1 to $65. Users feel KnowX is best suited to financial and business searches. The information provided for individual person searches is limited and does not include criminal records.


PeopleFinders offers background checks, criminal records checks, public records searches, reverse phone records, and more. Depending on the information requested, prices range from $0.95 to $49.95. Some are one time fees, while others are monthly subscriptions. The site itself is easy to use and navigate. However, some customers report that the information the site provided was inaccurate. There are also reports of hidden fees being charged to customer's credit cards.


People Public Records allows visitors to search for contact information (phone number, address), marriage/divorce records, criminal history, property ownership, lawsuits and legal judgments, driving infractions, and more. Visitors can access the website for one year for $24.92, for two years for $29.92, and for five years for $34.92. That being said, there are numerous negative reviews about this site. Customers complain that are never assigned log in information, that searches provide little to no information, and that service is basically fraudulent.


PeopleSmart allows visitors to find people and their information, including: email, phone number, background reports, and public records (including court records, property records, marriage/divorce records, bankruptcies, birth/death records, and more). Customers can search unlimited people's contact information for $39.95/year or pay $1.95 for one person's contact information. Public records are an additional $39.95/person. Some customers report they were unsatisfied with the search results and there are many complaints of unauthorized charges to customers' credit cards.


US Search helps visitors find full name and alias records, phone number, address history, email, relatives, criminal records, and public records (divorce/marriage records, death records, property records, bankruptcies, law suits, tax liens, and more). Depending on the information requested, prices range from $0.95 to $39.95 for a person search. They also offer an expert-assisted search for $99.95. Unfortunately, US Search receives many negative reviews. Customer feel the information reported is incomplete and inaccurate. In addition, there are reports of unauthorized charges to customers' credit cards.

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